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Re: Dirty Harry's Signature Gunshot?

[Répondre] [rec.arts.movies.production.sound]

Sujet : Re: Dirty Harry's Signature Gunshot?
De : wrnopper@gmail.com
Groupes : rec.arts.movies.production.sound
Date : 06. Apr 2018, 21:36:47
References : 1
On Sunday, November 23, 2003 at 8:13:14 PM UTC-5, riddimslinger wrote:
> Caught the original Dirty Harry last night and marveled again at the
> 'signature gunshot' sound of his .44 magnum. It has never changed,
> apparently, and no other gun in the Dirty Harry series, or in any other
> movie, has caught (or used) that specific sound. Does anyone have the
> history on this sound? Is it in a sample collection? How was it made (an
> actual .44?)
> Curious, Larry
> -- 
> L. H. Scheidle
> Scheidle Associates, Inc. and
> Armoured Horse Pdns, Ltd.
> A Digital Project Studio
> North East, Maryland
> saiahpATcrosslink.net

To quote Harry himself, "...you're shit out of luck!" I too am trying to find
out exactly how that sound was made (I've spent many an hour at outdoor shooting
ranges, with .44 Mags going off on either side of me. The real gun DEFINITELY
sounds different from the movie gun. If nothing else, the reverberating boom of
the movie gun lasts just a little too long...like a ''BA-WOOOM'' rather than
If anyone knows EXACTLY how Warner Brothers Studio made that sound, they're not
telling. You'll get every single tidbit of info EXCEPT what you're looking for!

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o Re: Dirty Harry's Signature Gunshot?

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