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Fridge magnet Printing | Button Badge Printing in Malaysia

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Sujet : Fridge magnet Printing | Button Badge Printing in Malaysia
De : kvarma2000@gmail.com
Groupes : rec.arts.movies.production.sound
Date : 22. Jul 2017, 05:17:04
Fridge Magnet Services in Malaysia

The two words Fridge Magnet say it all. We are sticking them on our fridge but,
in 50percentPrint Company, with our proprietary technology, we tend to style
your own magnet with graphic and messages then conclude that magnet and sent it
out as a gift. 50percentPrint can able to print your fridge magnet in tiny
quantities and still give you the simplest worth right here.
50percentprint can customise the fridge magnet into custom shapes in step with
customer’s specifications. Your fridge magnet won't limit to at least one
shape, it'll look even more attractive with our custom shape design to impress
customers. Simply choose the merchandise size of your fridge magnet that is
comparable to your required size, then allow us to grasp the dye cutting mould,
and 50percentPrint will do the rest.

Button badge Services in Malaysia

Pin Badge or button badge could be a nice plan for a promotional gift as a
result of you'll be able to an awesome campaign strategy with it. Let’s say
you head to a business expo. You will rent models to travel out there and begin
swing the badges on peoples clothing or on consumer goods.

 It’s much easier for girls to influence people, not simply males however
individuals normally appear to be more receptive with females. you'll
additionally hire a person to hand out the badges to ladies if you wish however
the concept is that you just get as many of us as you'll be able to be carrying
the button badge so they're going to become promoters of your business
throughout the time they pay at the convention and this is often extraordinarily
powerful promotion of Badges.

For More Details Please feel free to contact  : 012 - 517 7336


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o Fridge magnet Printing | Button Badge Printing in Malaysia

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