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Re: Lavalier Fishing Rod

[Répondre] [rec.arts.movies.production.sound]

Sujet : Re: Lavalier Fishing Rod
De : tyreeford@comcast.net (Ty Ford)
Groupes : rec.arts.movies.production.sound
Date : 05. Dec 2016, 05:59:01
References : 1
On Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 1:34:18 PM UTC-5, Klay Anderson wrote:
> I seem to remember from sometime ago that a cottage industry was making
leveler fishing rods to be able to thread a leveler cable underneath clothing.
Yeah, I could make one myself but if there's one commercially made I'd prefer
for this application. Any ideas? 
> Klay

Hey Klay,

Gotta say after setting a bunch of lavs over the years that, while I remember
the device (maybe), I can't imagine using one and poking around under someone's

Putting a lav on someone, while a relatively personal event, is not that fraught
with problems. Most professional actors are used to it and are quite at ease
with the procedure. There are a few pros (who will not be named here) who do
have a personal reaction to it, but I doubt that a fishing rod will make them
like it more. This sounds like an invention intended for shooters or sound
people who have an aversion to human contact or are very shy. A fishing rod,
IMO, does little to help.

I have set lavs on a lot of non-pros. I introduce myself, shake hands and look
them in the eye with a smile and explain that I'm the audio guy and I need their
help in getting them wired. I usually have the transmitter and receiver
disconnected. I drop the lav down their shirt and if needed, ask them to help me
by pulling the connector out the bottom. The routine varies depending on
wardrobe, but I sometimes route the cable through the belt loops around back
where I find the right spot on the waistband to clip the mic.


Ty Ford

PS: Nice to see RAMPS still exists. For another experience, try the
CreativeCow.net and JWSoundgroup.net forums.

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