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Re: TSA and Pelican case latches

[Répondre] [rec.arts.movies.production.sound]

Sujet : Re: TSA and Pelican case latches
De : sageriversatterfield@gmail.com
Groupes : rec.arts.movies.production.sound
Date : 12. Apr 2016, 13:13:13
References : 1
On Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 11:07:16 PM UTC-7, Matty wrote:
> Every time I travel, my Pelican 1610 cases arrives at the destination
> with at least one, and usually two of the four latches open. I don't
> trust TSA, so I carry the big ticket items on with me -- mics, mixer,
> radios, recorder. (It's a doc kit, so the load is manageable.) I put
> the stuff I can afford to replace if I have to -- boompole, zeppelins,
> chargers, headphones -- in the checked case.
> Last week, my case arrived at SFO with 3 of the 4 latches open and my
> headphone cable dangling out the opening. Fortunately nothing fell
> out.
> I'm fed up with the cretins that work for TSA. I mean how much
> intelligence does it take to close the damn latches? I'm considering
> putting decals on the case with arrows to each latch. Don't know if it
> will make a bit of difference though.
> Is my recurring experience the exception or the rule? I'd like some
> input from the community about what it takes to keep checked gear more
> secure.
> Thanks,
> Matty

Here's the thing... It's not TSA, its the baggage handlers, gravity, and hits/
touches from other luggage in the heap of the cargo bay that open those latches.
There are a couple solutions: A) Travel with a firearm. Yes, travel armed
(following TSA and airline guidlines, being aware of your home and destination's
local laws). The advantage to this: all of your bags are number one priority,
they are also hand carried to and from the cargo bay, you don't wait in line at
the baggage claim, as it will be wheeled to a private office to be picked up at
your destination, and they take special care to seal them, and treat them with
care. PLUS you then get to put BIG ASS LOCKS on EVERY lockable point and it is
TSA regulation that nobody except YOU can have the key or combination. The cons:
the locks can only be used on the luggage containing the firearm, but the
luggage privilege, priority, and extended care in handling, applies to all your
bags. You can do this, or, B) write a note on the side of your checked luggage
and tape some zip ties on it and ask any reader to seal it, they will. You may
also consider a TSA luggage strap (or two), like this:

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